Ideal for everyone who prefers to practice alone instead of in a group


Personal training picks you up where you are and adjusts Yoga to you – not the
other way round. Every body is absolutely unique, has its typical preferred
motion patterns, its individual constitution and its personal history. All
these aspects can be taken into account by me even better in personal training,
which makes it possible to individually select, compose and adjust Asanas
which are suited for you.

During the personal training I am there for you with all my attention and
creativity, and years of experience. Further development, immersion and
refinement of your practice are then possible in a relaxed, private atmosphere
in a much shorter time compared to a regular class. By carefully observing
your individual motion patters I adjust the practice individually to your
wishes and needs. Additionally supported by assistance/hands-on and usage of
different props, a precise and caring precision work becomes possible which
leads you consciously and sustainably back to inner balance.

Personal training is ideally suited:

  • If you would like to start with Yoga and adopt from the very beginning a
    constitutional performance of the postures in your own speed,
  • When you have restrictions for health reasons, acute disorders and the wish to
    actively support your recovery through practicing Yoga,
  • If you would like to develop consciously and to have support and safety
    whenlearning advanced Asanas,
  • If you have physical restrictions and questions from practicing at home or in a group
  • If you would like to establish an individually balanced Yoga program for at home, at
    the work place or in the hotel,
  • If you find it difficult to relax when practicing in groups,
  • If you prefer to practice unhurriedly, at your own speed and at your
  • Preferred time rather than in fixed group classes,
  • If you would like to practice in a small group with friends, your partner of
  • If you wish to get inspiration and support for your own practice as a Yoga teacher,
  • If you are searching for a present for a special occasion, e.g. for (family) celebrations,
    birthdays, feel-well-weekends, stag parties, or after a balanced general program for
    meetings and conferences – we will happily create a custom offer four you.


Procedure and Contact

Appointments for personal training are made on an individual basis and take place either at
the triniyoga studio or at a place agreed on before.

Length and frequency of the appointments are in accordance with your personal wishes.
Various props are available for you during the personal training, you only need to bring
comfortable clothes and a towel.

We will happily advise you without commitment and answer your questions by
phone or e-mail.



1 hour (60min): 80,- Eur (second person: 20,- Eur extra)





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